Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Afghanistan Distraction

Having seen Paul's post on the Airfix Scorpion/Scimitar kit a while back I said I should post some pictures of my own. It's a pretty simple paint job but I'm happy with it. Looks alright for the British in Afghanistan right now, but not perfect. Obviously the kit itself is far too old for that, but I'm not bothered modernising the subject. Anyway, pictures. As usual, click to embiggen.

The weathering went a bit wrong here. It just looks like I got bored painting parts of it and gave up, since the colours are too close to the base. I will probably go over this again with some Tamiya pigments at some stage.

These are Elheim's British Infantry in Assault Vest. I need to re-hilight the patches of British Uniform on the sand, and go over the webbing another time to make it stand out more. Otherwise they're finished to a decent standard, even though there are a few things I missed first time around.

Revell's plastic German KSK group. I had bought these on impulse a few years back and did nothing with them so spotting that they were deployed to Afghanistan in the FoF "Enduring Freedom" book I decided to just paint up a fireteam and some options quickly. On the left is a battering ram used to indicate that the fireteam has the "Specialist Breaching Gear" rule for house clearing, then there's a sniper team on a single base. To the right of the sniper team is a quick conversion I'm pretty proud of, it's the little bit of sprue at the end of the Airfix Lee/Grant kit's 37mm gun, stuck in under where the mag was to turn the gun into an MG36 for some fire support (+2D). There's also an MP5 user for bonus short-range firepower.

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  1. Nice one mate. I find desert colours and shading to be tricky.